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The GovLab SCAN – Issue 73

Highlights from this week’s Internet governance SCAN:

The Burundi government blocked messaging services WhatsApp and Viber in response to anti-government presentations;
The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic ruled that mass surveillance of its citizens is unconstitutional;
An updated law tackling online piracy came into effect on May 1st in Russia, giving authorities the power to tell Internet companies to take down sites accused of harboring pirated content without a court order.

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The GovLab SCAN – Issue 57

Highlights from this week’s Internet governance SCAN: With regards to the IANA functions stewardship transition, the IANA Coordination Group (ICG) requires that a final proposal be received by mid-January. Commentators are increasingly of the opinion that this leaves too little time to complete a September 2015 transition, especially because progress on the ICANN accountability process (on whose outputs the IANA transition depends) is expected to take longer.

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