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Envisioning a 21st Century Organization to Coordinate the Internet Addressing System: A Shared, Global Public Resource

Last week the seven, international members of the ICANN Strategy Panel on Multistakeholder Innovation convened online. The panel includes: Chair:  Beth Simone Noveck Panel Members: Alison Gillwald, Joi Ito, Karim Lakhani, Guo Liang, Geoff Mulgan, Bitange Ndemo GovLab Support Team: Stefaan Verhulst, Jillian Raines, Antony Declercq The Multistakeholder Innovation Panel is an external advisory group […]

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NEW Publications: Primers on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)

The GovLab is undertaking a set of projects aimed at increasing our understanding of how to create smarter governance by experimenting with diverse strategies for using collective intelligence to improve our governing institutions. To that end, we are working with the ICANN Strategy Panel for Multistakeholder Innovation to develop proposals for the redesign of ICANN – […]

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The GovLab Living Labs: Experiments in Smarter Governance

Improving people’s lives by changing how we govern. Current societal problems demand radical innovation in how we govern. Policy makers around the world are facing increasingly complex and interconnected societal challenges: How can we provide health care for everyone at lower cost; reduce poverty and economic inequality; reduce and prevent obesity; redesign urban environments; fight […]

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