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A very brief anthology of recent thoughts on opening government…

Nassim Taleb has an article in Foreign Policy, where he reflects on some of the key messages of his new book Antifragility: Things that Gain from Disorder regarding the stability of countries, city-states and decentralizing government (titled Epiphanies from Nassim Nicholas Taleb): “We need smaller, more decentralized government. On paper, it might appear much more efficient to be […]

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Open Up! Raw Data Now!

On November 13, entrepreneurs, government and civil society came together in London at Open Up!, an open government conference sponsored by the Omidyar Network and the UK Department for International Development, in association with Wired magazine. Omidyar Network partner Stephen King views the conference as an opportunity for thought leaders from different sectors “to discuss […]

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“Reinventing Society in the Wake of Big Data”: Edge’s Interview with MIT’s Alex “Sandy” Pentland

IN BRIEF: The collection and combination of massive datasets is revolutionizing our ability to model and predict individual human behavior. On the whole, such analyses hold promise for improving global socioeconomic outcomes but also raise troublesome privacy and civil liberty concerns.

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Clay Shirky’s new TED talk on Opening Government

Clay Shirky – social media theorist – reflecting on applying open source organizing and version-ing control tools like GitHub to further democratic participation or to write parliamentary bills: “I’d love to tell you that the fact that open-source programmers have worked this out means that innovation is inevitable. …It’s not. Part of the problem is […]

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