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How do we maximize and sustain participation in the #CrowdLaw process?

Co-authored by Julia Root This post is second in a series of four “reports from the field” on #crowdlaw First blog On September 24,The GovLab hosted it’s third online global conference on #CrowdLaw. This event is designed specifically for field practitioners and advocates to share experiences and connect with others who share similar goals but […]

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A growing community of global #CrowdLaw practitioners

Co-authored by Julia Root On September 24th, The GovLab held its third online global conference on #CrowdLaw. Practitioners from 16 countries discussed the challenges and lessons learned when crowdsourcing legislation and constitutions. The session including lightning talks by practitioners with projects from Austria, Brazil, Chile, Finland, United States, Morocco, Libya and Spain and then a […]

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September 24th Global Online Conference on #CrowdLaw

On Thursday, September 24th from 9:30am – 11:30am EDT, The GovLab will host its third online gathering of CrowdLaw practitioners from around the world. This third installment in an ongoing series on the evolution of CrowdLaw — crowdsourced legislative and regulatory lawmaking — aims to enable participants to share their experiences and learn from one […]

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Crowdsourcing the Hall of Fame

It’s a happy day for some of us at the GovLab when two of our favorite things — baseball and governance — intersect. This past November, the sports website Deadspin announced that it was seeking to acquire the 2014 Hall of Fame ballots of one or more of the voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). Beyond setting out to mock what they […]

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… how government can develop the capacity to make the most of Prize-Induced Contests

Can we develop a simple test or set of metrics to determine if a given problem would be a strong candidate for a prize-induced contest? Design Best Practices How can we facilitate open and transparent sharing of ideas and solutions between the individuals, organizations and broad sectors engaged with grand challenges? How should government agencies […]

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… how to respond to the basic tension between using the instruments of representation, what we think of as the instruments of self-government, and modes of participation.

By David Cohen, Senior Advisor, Civic Ventures; Senior Congressional Fellow, Council for a Livable World Here are my questions that stem from my experience at initiating, formulating and implementing public policy which has lots to do with policy and politics. A few words of caution. As important as elections are–after all it is one act […]

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… how to incorporate evidence-based decision-making in our governance structures to change the status quo.

By Mihaela Ulieru, President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy; and Director, Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory What are the essential questions that we, as researchers and practitioners, need to pose or haven’t even considered yet? Due to the lack of adequate policy frameworks, the obstacles in implementing innovative solutions at all levels are the limited […]

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…how innovations in science and technology change the way we work together to enhance our well-being.

By Beth Noveck, GovLab

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