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An Independent Open Contracting Partnership is Launched

Each year, governments around the world spend over $9 trillion dollars of citizens’ money through public contracts. All too often, however, “little to no data is made available to the public about these contracts. If data is available, it is often supplied in ways which make analysis very challenging or downright impossible,” writes the Open […]

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… the best practices for designing, funding, incentivizing and implementing Grand Challenges and how to measure their impact

What is the role of government in solving really big problems? Is it the government’s place to set the research agenda for the private and NGO sectors through grand challenges? How can we facilitate open and transparent sharing of ideas and solutions between the individuals, organizations and broad sectors engaged with grand challenges? Can we […]

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A Global Week for Open Data

By Joel Gurin, The GovLab Last week was a memorable one for the worldwide Open Data and Open Government movements. (More on how those are related in an upcoming post.) Some key events in London and announcements elsewhere set new benchmarks for Open Data. Here’s what transpired: On Tuesday, October 29, the London-based Open Data […]

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Operation Decode San Francisco Will Hack the City’s Legal Code – Vice: Using hackathons and APIs to open up city legal codes. Kickstarter says it consulted scientists before banning genetically-modified organisms – The Verge: Kickstarter bans its users from offering genetically-modified organisms as rewards to project backers. To what extent does this constitute a form of governance and what role […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 7/25/13

Quantifying cities’ emotional effects – MIT News: “In the latest issue of the journal PLoS One, researchers from MIT’s Media Lab present a new online tool that they hope will help social scientists take a more rigorous look at city dwellers’ emotional responses to their environments. The tool presents online volunteers with pairs of images randomly drawn from […]

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Data-Crunched Democracy: Data-Driven Campaigning’s Lessons for Re-Imagining Governance

On Friday May 31st, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania hosted Daniel Kreiss and Joseph Turow’s Data-Crunched Democracy Conference on the growing use of data analysis and voter modeling to inform campaigning. The conference brought together practitioners, journalists and academics interested in this burgeoning but still under-examined field. Rasmus Kleis Nielson, […]

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GovLab Network Member Joel Gurin launched today a new website: OpenDataNow.com. According to Joel: “Open Data is accessible public data we can use to launch new ventures, analyze trends, make data-driven decisions, and solve complex problems. I’ve been fortunate to see the Open Data movement grow through my work as Executive Vice President of Consumer […]

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Reputation Based Governance

Much has been written about Larry Lessig’s famous “code is law” paradigm, where software code is seen as a regulator that threatens our liberty in cyberspace. Less however is written about how software code can help enhance policy making in a smarter and less intrusive manner (Nick Grossman may call this Regulation 2.0). One such […]

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Internet and Democratic Accountability – The Rise of the Fifth Estate

Routledge released recently “Frontiers in New Media Research”  –  a book edited by Francis L.F. Lee, Louis Leung, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Donna S.C. Chu. The chapters “examine the implications of new media technologies on everyday life, existing social institutions, and the society at large at various levels of analysis”. Among the chapters include Prof. Dutton’s […]

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