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Innovating Government on a Global Stage (Open Government Partnership)

In the Spring 2013 edition, the Stanford Social Innovation Review features a supplement on the Open Government Partnership, with nine articles from OGP experts. They include: Transforming Multilateralism: Innovation on a Global Stage by Jeremy M. Weinstein Shattering Decades of Diplomatic Protocol by Maria Otero & Caroline Mauldin Innovating Modern Democracy, in Brazil and Globally […]

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Sunday Readings on Open Gov

From today’s New York Times: Adam Davidson on whether happiness is an adequate metric for government’s performance in Money Changes Everything: “So much debate over government policy is based on economic statistics that come out of the market. But the goal of government is not just to maximize revenue. It’s also to make citizens better off. […]

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Information for Impact

“Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data,” a report by Beth Simone Noveck and Daniel L. Goroff for the Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation (PSI) was officially released on January 31 at the “How ‘Big Data’ on the Nonprofit Sector can Spur Innovation, Knowledge, and Accountability” event in Washington DC. In the […]

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Reforming Government by Crowd Innovation

In their essay “Managing Crowd Innovation in Public Administration,” Alexandra Collm and Kuno Schedler examine how governmental adoption of social media can be used to reform public administration. Though public servants have attempted to reform many times, improvements often take place only at a rhetorical level. Collm and Schedler contend opening the reform process with […]

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Google.org Funds Civic Innovation Through Technology Projects

In the interest of promoting civic innovation through technology, Google.org is providing a total of $3.7 million in funding to the Sunlight Foundation and mySociety. A blog post by Google.org VP Matt Stepka on Wednesday announced the new funding initiatives. The Sunlight Foundation is receiving $2.6 million “to grow its open government data program with […]

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Compendium on “Open Government and Civic Technology”

In sync with services like Pinterest, the New York Times launched in December a new service called “Compendium”, allowing their users to collate and annotate content from any Times page to their own collections. Early user Alex Howard, the Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O’Reilly Media, compiled a variety of stories since 1990 on “Open Government […]

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Opening Russia

Below we’ve copied a statement made by Prime Minister Medvedev at the Russian Government meeting on November 29th. He describes open government as a priority and he reasserts a commitment to join Open Government Partnership. The original Russian transcript is available here. “Now, let’s talk about the quality of public administration and improving the efficiency […]

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