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Introducing Open Gov Stories

By Emily Thenhaus March 19, 2014 “The world is becoming more open because of all the changes we are witnessing,” says Romain Lacombe, Head of Innovation for the French Open Data Task Force, Etalab. “The question from a government standpoint is, ‘Do you want to fight it, or do you want to go along? Do […]

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A new vocabulary for the 21st Century: Social Physics

Merriam-Webster : “Social Physics: The quantitative study of human society; social statistics” When the US government announced in 2012 that it would invest $200 million in research grants and infrastructure building for big data in 2012, Farnam Jahanian, chief of the National Science Foundation’s Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate, stated that “Big data” has […]

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21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data + Technology

The GovLab recently participated in an event hosted by New York Tech Meetup and Control Group and part of Talking Transition NYC on the “21st Century City – The Social Impact of Data and Technology”. The video, slides and other materials of the event have now been aggregated and made public by the Control Group. […]

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How New York City uses Crowd-Sourcing to improve High School Selection

To help solve hard problems by leveraging the expertise of citizens, policy makers are increasingly considering the use of contests, challenges, and other forms of crowd–sourcing. As budgets tighten these offer many advantages for societal institutions—including paying only for results, establishing an ambitious goal without having to predict which team or approach is most likely […]

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Teaching and Courses @ the GovLab

This Fall, the GovLab staff are teaching a variety of courses at the intersection of governance, technology and society – experimenting with new technologies and teaching methodologies. We are also overseeing a variety of Wagner capstone projects. Here are some of the courses being taught this semester, with links to more details, as well as […]

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Activate Innovation and Institutional Change

A few years ago The Guardian created “Activate”  a global platform connecting experts “working across all sectors who are using the internet and its associated technologies to change the world” – with hubs around the world. Their annual Summit took place last week in London. A few panels and presentations touched on how technological advances […]

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