The GovLab at EuroDig 2015: Mapping Internet Governance

Last week, GovLab Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer Stefaan Verhulst participated in the EuroDig conference, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference, an annual event, serves as an “open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG) between stakeholders from all over Europe.”

During the event, a considerable amount of time was spent on mapping Internet Governance.  The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) held an interactive workshop on how to co-design the GIPO Platform with the community present at EuroDig and collaborate across mapping efforts, including our NETmundial Solutions Map.

Within that context Stefaan presented on:

  • How to develop synergies between GIPO and other mapping initiatives; and in particular
  • How to ensure interoperability and coordination across taxonomies of Internet Governance.

You can find Stefaan’s presentation slides below. If you’d like to get involved in our efforts to map Internet governance, please contact stefaan [at] the

You may also be interested in our overview of existing mapping efforts here. 


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