The GovLab Gets 5 Stars for Transparency

Transparify, an organization that evaluates the transparency of think tanks, recently conducted a comprehensive assessment of 34 pro-transparency organizations that were featured prominently at the Open Data Conference (#IODC15) in Ottawa, Canada. The point of this exercise was to assess the field of pro-transparency advocacy, and to explore whether these organizations actually practice what they preach.

We are pleased to share that The GovLab was awarded 5 out of 5 stars for transparency, meaning we are labeled “highly transparent” in the field of pro-transparency advocates. You can find the full report here. To qualify as “highly transparent”, organizations must list their donors with exact amounts and funding purposes. In addition, organizations must make this information easy to access from their website, typically meaning within four clicks from the main page. We, at the GovLab, post our transparency data under the About drop down menu on our home page (labeled “Our Transparency”).

We applaud Transparify’s efforts to conduct these ratings and encourage more transparency for think tanks and nonprofits. If you are interested in finding out how your organization can become 5-star transparent, you can refer to this guide.


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