The GovLab Index on Internet Governance — Trade

Please find below the latest installment of the GovLab Index on Internet Governance, inspired by the Harper’s Index. “Internet Governance — Trade” is part of a series of Indexes that focus on the five main areas within Internet Governance: access, content, code, trust, and trade. This edition focuses on digital cross border trade and cryptocurrencies. Previous installments in the series include Internet Governance — Code, Internet Governance — Content and Internet Governance — Access.

Digital Cross Border Trade

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin

Activity and Usage

  • The price, or value, of a Bitcoin as of Sept 17, 2014: $455 USD
  • Total number of Bitcoins: 13,266,474
  • How many Bitcoin transactions are made on average per hour: 3,219
  • Value of the average Bitcoin transaction: $2,635 USD

Comparison with other payment systems

Beliefs and Attitudes

  • Percentage of US adults surveyed who were not familiar with Bitcoin in January 2014: 76%
  • How many US adults have never and would never consider using an alternative form of currency like Bitcoin: 79%
    • How many would rather own gold than Bitcoin: 80%
    • Those who believe that Bitcoin hurts the US dollar: 38%


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