The GovLab Index on Internet Governance — Trust

Please find below the latest installment of the GovLab Index on Internet Governance, inspired by the Harper’s Index. “Internet Governance — Trust” is part of a series of Indexes that focus on the five main areas within Internet Governance: access, content, code, trust, and trade. This edition on Trust examines cybercrime, cybersecurity and preparedness. Previous installments in the series include AccessCode, Content, and Trade

Also see the GovLab’s Selected Readings on Mapping the Internet Governance Ecosystem for an overview of the actors, processes, and challenges relating to Internet governance.

Economic Impact

  • Estimated cost of cybercrime to the global economy: $400 billion
  • Countries with the highest levels of cybercrime relative to gross domestic product (GDP): Germany (1.6%) and Netherlands (1.5%)
    • Level of cybercrime in the U.S. relative to GDP: 0.64%
    • In China: 0.63%
  • Cost of cybercrime in terms of percentage of global GDP: 0.8%
    • In comparison, cost of the global drug trade in terms of global GDP: 0.9%
  • Losses from cybercrime could cost as many as 200,000 American jobs, roughly a third of 1% decrease in employment for the US.
  • Amount reported as lost by a British company from a single attack in 2013: $1.3 billion
  • Amount lost by two banks in the Persian Gulf in an attack spanning a few hours in 2013: $45 million
  • How many US organizations lost $1 million or more due to cybercrime incidents in 2013: 7%
    • How many global organizations reported the same loss: 3%

Number of Cyber Attacks

  • How many people in the U.S. had their personal information stolen in 2013: 40 million
  • Number of companies that were notified by the US government that they had been hacked in 2013: 3,000
  • Number of US households affected by a cybersecurity attack on JP Morgan bank in 2014: 76 million
  • Number of credit card numbers stolen by cybercriminals from Target in March 2014: 40 million, with an additional 70 million compromised
  • How many respondents to the US State of Cybercrime Survey reported detecting a security breach in the past 12 months: 3 in 4
    • Those who were more concerned about cybersecurity threats this year than in the past: 59%
  • Number of significant cyber attacks since 2006, understood as “successful attacks on government agencies, defense and high tech companies, or economic crimes with losses of more than a million dollars” according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies: 155

Security and Preparedness

  • When the 28 countries in NATO made an agreement that a cyberattack on any NATO member could trigger a collective response from all its allies: September 2014
  • How many respondents from PriceWaterhouse Cooper’s Annual Global CEO survey reported that they were worried about the impact of cyber threats to their growth prospects: 49%
    • Percentage of CEOs in the US who reported the same concern: 69%
  • How many executives from financial institutions surveyed believe that cybersecurity is a strategic risk for their companies: 70%
  • Number of large companies across industries and geographies surveyed that stated having “nascent” or “developing” risk-management capabilities: 90%
  • How many companies were rated “mature” across practice areas studied: 5%
  • Percentage of companies where security concerns had delayed the adoption of public cloud computing by a year or more: 70%
  • How many global companies with high performing security practices “collaborate with others to deepen their knowledge of security and threat trends”: 82%
  • How many US organizations surveyed who had suffered a cybersecurity breach could not identify the source of the attack: 26%
    • Those that cite the culprit to be outside actors such as hackers: 72%
    • How many respondents point to “insiders” such as former or current employees, service providers and contractors as the source of breaches: 28%
    • How many organizations reported having a plan to respond to insider threats: 49%
    • Those that have a mobile security strategy: 31%
    • How many encrypt mobile devices: 38%
    • Median maximum amount that US banking and finance organizations invest in cybersecurity: $2,500 per employee
    • Median maximum amount that US retail and consumer products organizations invest in cybersecurity: $400 per employee
    • How many respondents have hired a Chief Security Officer or Chief Information Security Officer: 28%


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