The GovLab Demos for Democracy features PlaceSpeak, a location-based citizen engagement platform

Demos for Democracy is an ongoing series of interactive online demos featuring designers and builders of new governance platforms, tools or methods designed to foster greater openness and collaboration to how we govern.

On March 29, 2015, the GovLab featured a 30 minute conversation and online demo with Colleen Hardwick, CEO and Founder of PlaceSpeaka geo-social place-based citizen engagement platform.

PlaceSpeak is celebrating its 5th anniversary since its earliest prototyping mechanism to pioneer a geo-social model  for helping people stay informed and engaged about what is happening in their community and city. PlaceSpeak authenticates online digital identity which enables public, private and nonprofit organizations and institutions  to consult directly with people from within specific geographic boundaries. Colleen Hardwick shares with the civic tech community how the product is being used by municipalities; the tension of encouraging sign-up and authenticating identify; and how Place Speak encourages a new form of digital democracy. Colleen’s presentation deck is available here. Watch the demo below:

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About: PlaceSpeak is a location-based citizen engagement platform that seeks to address the problem of how to consult with people online within specific geographic boundaries to produce verifiable data that supports evidence-based decision-making and public policy development at the local level.


About the presenter: Colleen Hardwick is the founder and CEO of PlaceSpeak, a location-based platform that authenticates online citizen engagement. A serial entrepreneur, Colleen has an academic background in urban geography and political science. She spent many years in media as a film and television producer and segued into internet technology. In 2006, she won the Vortex award for excellence in new media innovation from the Marshall McLuhan foundation.

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