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Share Your Expertise on Big Health Data with AARP and The GovLab

To impeach or not to impeach a President stirs people’s passions but it is also a highly complex legal issue. What the Founding Fathers would have made of Donald Trump’s soliciting of help from a foreign government is a question challenging enough to have driven the House Judiciary Committee to seek testimony from four specialists […]

Public Entrepreneurship and Policy Engineering

By Beth Simone Noveck This article was originally published in Communications of the ACM. Science and technology have progressed exponentially, making it possible for humans to live longer, healthier, more creative lives. The explosion of Internet and mobile phone technologies have increased trade, literacy, and mobility.11 At the same time, life expectancy for the poor has […]

How the Data That Internet Companies Collect Can Be Used for the Public Good

Stefaan G. Verhulst and Andrew Young at Harvard Business Review: “…In particular, the vast streams of data generated through social media platforms, when analyzed responsibly, can offer insights into societal patterns and behaviors. These types of behaviors are hard to generate with existing social science methods. All this information poses its own problems, of complexity and […]

Could crowdsourcing expertise be the future of government?

Beth Noveck in the Guardian: “We lack public institutions – a participatory bureaucracy and open parliamentary processes – that know how to tap into the collective intelligence of our communities, and draw power from the participation of the many, rather than the few. It is the absence of these open institutions, and the resulting failure […]