If only we knew …what drives and impacts citizen participation in governance?

By Participation Working Group @ London Summit on Re-Thinking Government, Re-Imagining Democracy


Factors influencing the effects of more participation:

  • How can participation be most effectively defined and measured?
    • Who participates?
    • How many people participate?
    • Through what channels do they participate?
    • What type of participation?
  • What types of factors influence whether or not more participation is better? For example:
    • The technology used to enable participation?
    • The task required of participants?
    • The issue for which participation is requested?
    • The environment surrounding the participant?
    • The framing of participation?

Factors leading to more citizen participation:

  • In assessing the impact of participation, what conditions do we optimize for, and how do we measure them?
  • What conditions lead to more participation of what types?
    • How does information influence participation levels?
    • How does technology influence participation levels?
    • How do cognitive styles impact participation?
    • What institutional arrangements impact participation levels?

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