If only we knew …what government collected data could be made publicly available

By Micah Sifry, Editorial director, Personal Democracy Media (@Mlsif)

From government:

-what data is currently collected by every agency and could be made available for public re-use, engagement, etc. (four years after the Open Government Directive, we still don’t have this);

-the baseline metrics of public engagement with government agencies and services, online and off;

-the contact, address, and budget information for every government agency and elected official, down to the most local level, in digital form.

-the full size, budget and purview of the “national security” sector.

From the private sector:

-Who wants to open up their platforms to deliberate civic engagement, building on the organic civic uses that now happen incidentally on their services (for example, people have created pages on Yelp rating local post offices and DMVs; Waze users post locations of potholes)

-Who wants to tweak their platforms to encourage a more educated public (for example, convert dumb interactive polls on news sites into interactive quizzes that push basic facts about government out)

From citizens:

-What questions does the public most turn to the government to get answers for? What tools would help members of the public answer those questions more effectively?

-Do you want to meet other citizens like you who share your concern or interest? If a government website offered you that opportunity, would you use it?

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  1. Garth Frizzell March 26, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    … the relationship between participation in government and trust in government.

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