Where can you find out what is happening on Internet Governance? A curation of eight calendars

The world of Internet Governance is complex and dynamic. To help navigate the Internet Governance ecosystem, the NETmundial Solutions Map seeks to provide a platform to exchange and document what responses exist to what issues and who is involved in the space.

The design of the map was informed by a set of user interviews. During these interviews, we heard over and over again the additional need to be able to identify and navigate the profusion of events in this space. Below, we have curated and compared a list of calendars covering global events you can use to become smarter about upcoming events and conferences in this field.

Calendar Hosting Organization Description Searchable Filters Option to Subscribe (Email or RSS Feed)

Calendar of Events

Association for Computing Machinery, “the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society” Events of a more technical nature Yes No Yes
imgresUpcoming Events The Diplo Internet Governance Community, an open “community of IG and ICT policy professionals from around the world” A wide range of Internet governance events Yes Has tags Yes
imgres  Events calendar The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a “nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world” Digital rights events No No Yes
twittergip_0Events calendar Geneva Internet Platform, “an observatory, a capacity building centre (online and in situ), and a centre for discussion” and “an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation” A wide range of global Internet governance events Yes No No
1280750336icann_logoICANN Calendar ICANN, “a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable” A wide range of global Internet governance events including ICANN meetings Yes Yes Yes
igf-logo-s_0Meetings Internet Governance Forum (IGF), “serves to bring people together from various stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet” A list of regional, national and international IGFs and other Internet governance events Yes Yes No
imgres-1Events Calendar Internet Society, “a global cause-driven organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees that is dedicated to ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent and defined by you” A list of upcoming and past Internet governance events Yes Yes No
The NETmundial Initiative, “seeks to carry forward the cooperative spirit of São Paulo by enabling opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders” A wide range of global Internet governance events No Yes Yes

You can also read more about recent developments in this space in the GovLab SCAN, a weekly curated selection of articles on Internet governance.

Please let us know by emailing samantha at thegovlab.org if there are additional sources to be included in the above table, or an upcoming event you think we should include in the GovLab SCAN!

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