Justin Longo

Justin Longo (@whitehallpolicy) is the post-doctoral fellow in open governance at the Center for Policy Informatics at Arizona State University (2013-2015), on secondment to the GovLab for the fall of 2013 to work as project manager for the Open Peer Engagement Network (OPEN) Project. Prior to taking up his post-doc position at ASU, Justin was a research associate at GovLab during the summer of 2013. He has a phd from the University of Victoria in public policy and public administration (2013) where he researched the use of enterprise social collaboration platforms inside government policy analysis settings. His academic blog and contact info is at http://jlphd.wordpress.com.

In his postdoc work, Justin focuses on developing research related to opening governance (as processes of social decision making) to more diverse sources of knowledge, more avenues of interaction and enhanced social understanding; and opening government (or, more broadly, formal public institutions) as knowledge organizations, promoting the conditions where knowledge is shared and used, collaboration encouraged and capacity throughout the policy cycle enhanced. His current research in the ASU Center for Policy Informatics is focused on the 10,000 Solutions platform and The Next Policy Challenge.

During and prior to his doctoral work, Justin was the founder and principal of Whitehall Policy Inc. – a Victoria, BC-based public policy and technology consultancy. In that role, he led in the conceptual and UX/UI design of Digital Fishers, a science-oriented crowdsourcing project that sees volunteer, Internet-based, citizen scientists tag raw video collected from the NEPTUNE Canada cabled seafloor observatory. Justin also led the conceptual design and modelling for Climate Changers, an award-winning iOS app that links behavioral choices with understanding about climate change for middle school students. He has also been a civil servant in the British Columbia Government where he managed the province’s early sustainability and sustainable communities programs. These program initiatives followed from prior work by the province’s Commission on Resources and Environment where Justin worked in the 1990s. The Commission marked a turning point in BC towards sustainability, innovative governance and citizen engagement.

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