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Crowdsourcing A Meeting of Minds: Designing the Future of Work

Tuesday, June 2, 2016, 12:30-2pm, 2 Metrotech Center, 9th Fl, Brooklyn 11201 RSVP here Crowdsourcing is an increasingly powerful method where computation guides many amateurs’ efforts in order to recreate an expert’s abilities. However, across domains from design to engineering to art, few goals are truly the effort of just one person — even one […]

Participatory Budgeting and Civic Innovation in the Digital Age

Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 12:30-2pm @ The GovLab, 2 Metrotech Center, 9th Floor, Brooklyn 11201 RSVP here Hollie Russon Gilman will speak about her new book, Democracy Reinvented, the first comprehensive academic treatment of participatory budgeting in the United States. Participatory budgeting empowers citizens to identify community needs, work with elected officials to craft budget proposals, […]

Designing a Public Sector Innovation Lab

Designing a Public Sector Innovation Lab MindLab, existing since 2002, is the longest living public sector innovation lab. MindLab runs design-led projects to create policies and services that deliver better outcomes for people and society. Through the use of ethnography and design methods, like rapid prototyping and testing, MindLab involves citizens in the development of […]

Small Data Metadata – a Founding Principle, not an Afterthought

Small data are the digital traces that individuals generate as a byproduct of daily activities, such as sending e-mail or exercising with fitness trackers. [source: Workshop on Small Data Experimentation, call for papers] In this post, we advocate for the need to standardize metadata about small data and build tools to create, manage, process and […]

GitHub: the Swiss army knife of civic innovation?

There is a joke within the startup community about multi-purpose products that can do pretty much anything: “when is the last time you saw someone using a swiss-army knife at the dinner table?” So, when you see such a product reaching wide acceptance amongst legislators, academics and government workers, you pay attention. What are Git […]

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