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Public Entrepreneurship and Policy Engineering

By Beth Simone Noveck This article was originally published in Communications of the ACM. Science and technology have progressed exponentially, making it possible for humans to live longer, healthier, more creative lives. The explosion of Internet and mobile phone technologies have increased trade, literacy, and mobility.11 At the same time, life expectancy for the poor has […]

Before training public servants, you must educate yourself

This article was written by Beth Simone Noveck and Jason Williams-Bellamy. This is the second in a series by the Governance Lab on training 21st century public sector leaders. This article was also posted on Apolitical. Audit Scotland, which monitors government spending, recently found that the Scottish government was not delivering on its ambitious digital strategy. The […]

GovLab: How to train and teach for 21st century public leadership

This opinion article was written by Beth Noveck, Professor in Technology, Culture and Society and Director of the Governance Lab at New York University. For more like this, see our government innovation newsfeed. This article was also published on Apolitical. Find out more here. Public institutions are often inefficient, inflexible and dysfunctional. There is a […]

CrowdLaw Manifesto

At the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center this spring, assembled participants  met to discuss CrowdLaw, namely how to use technology to improve the quality and effectiveness of law and policymaking through greater public engagement. We put together and signed 12 principles to promote the use of CrowdLaw by local legislatures and national parliaments, calling for legislatures, technologists and the public […]

More Than A Coin: The Rise Of Civic Cryptocurrency

Co-written by Victoria Alsina. Originally published in Forbes on March 27, 2018. Available online here. The comedian John Oliver dedicated a recent episode of Last Week Tonight to discuss cryptocurrencies, “the virtual currencies that combine everything you don’t understand about money…with everything you don’t understand about computers.” Cryptocurrencies are alternative digital mechanisms for exchanging value. They have […]

New Wine And New Bottles: The Promise Of Research In The Age Of Big Data

Originally published in Forbes on February 20, 2018. Read the article here. A review of Bit by Bit: Social Research in the Digital Age, Matthew J. Salganik, Princeton University Press, 2017. 445 pp. The Promise of Research for Business Popular consumer web platforms use online controlled experiments known as A/B tests to compare the effect […]

Congress Is Broken. CrowdLaw Could Help Fix It

Originally posted on Forbes on January 23, 2018. The government was closed for business this weekend. It is, thus, hardly any surprise that the American public lacks trust in its legislature. Just eight percent of people say they have a great deal of confidence in the institution, according to a recent poll. A late-night government shutdown, […]

Book Review: How to Mobilize Group Intelligence

Cross-posted from Nature (vol 551) Nov 30, 2017 Beth Simone Noveck reviews Geoff Mulgan’s new book, Big Mind: How collective intelligence can change our world Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 14, Dana Lewis got used to hassle: using a portable glucose monitor to measure her blood sugar levels, and then calculating […]

Legislature 2.0: CrowdLaw and the Future of Lawmaking

By Beth Noveck, Gabriella Capone and Victoria Alsina Re-Imagining Lawmaking With rates of trust in government at all-time lows, the legitimacy and effectiveness of traditional representative models of lawmaking, typically dominated by political party agendas and conducted by professional staff and politicians working behind largely closed doors, are called into question. But technology offers the […]