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NASA Launches New Citizen Science Website

  Robert McNamara  at Commons Lab:   NASASolve debuted last month as a one-stop-shop for prizes and challenges that are seeking contributions from people like you. Don’t worry you need not be a rocket scientist to apply. The general public is encouraged to contribute to solving a variety of challenges facing NASA in reaching its […]

Creating community data tools for local impact: Piton Foundation

Amy Gahran at Knight Digital Media Center: “Many local funders focus on providing grants and doing fundraising to support local organizations and projects. However, some local funders also directly operate their own programs to serve the local community. This November in the Denver metro area, the Piton Foundation will launch a major revamp of their […]

Nine Lessons for Bridging the Gap between Cities and Citizens

Soren Gigler at the Worldbank Blog: “…Moving towards a citizen-centered model of government is critical for achieving better results.  But what does this mean in praxis? What are some of the bottlenecks and pitfalls of such an approach? Here are nine lessons learned from our work on Open Government and Citizen Engagement programs around the […]

Crowd-Sourcing Corruption: What Petrified Forests, Street Music, Bath Towels and the Taxman Can Tell Us About the Prospects for Its Future

Paper by Dieter Zinnbauer: “This article seeks to map out the prospects of crowd-sourcing technologies in the area of corruption-reporting. A flurry of initiative and concomitant media hype in this area has led to exuberant hopes that the end of impunity is not such a distant possibility any more – at least not for the […]

When Experts Are a Waste of Money

Vivek Wadhwa at the Wall Street Journal: “Corporations have always relied on industry analysts, management consultants and in-house gurus for advice on strategy and competitiveness. Since these experts understand the products, markets and industry trends, they also get paid the big bucks. But what experts do is analyze historical trends, extrapolate forward on a linear […]


PressRelease: “Local volunteers have released a free application that helps Austin area residents find the best place to vote. The application, Vote ATX, is available at Travis County voters have many options for voting. The Vote ATX application tries to answer the simple question, “Where is the best place I can go vote right […]

Taproot Foundation Starts Online Matchmaker for Charities Seeking Pro Bono Help

Nicole Wallace at the Chronicle of Philanthropy: “The Taproot Foundation has created an online marketplace it hopes will become the of pro bono, linking skilled volunteers with nonprofits that need assistance in areas like marketing, database design, and strategic planning. The new site, Taproot+, allows nonprofits to describe projects needing help. Taproot Foundation employees […]