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Due Diligence? We need an app for that

Ken Banks at “The ubiquity of mobile phones, the reach of the Internet, the shear number of problems facing the planet, competitions and challenges galore, pots of money and strong media interest in tech-for-good projects has today created the perfect storm. Not a day goes by without the release of an app hoping to solve something, and the fact so […]

Crowdsourcing privacy policy analysis: Potential, challenges and best practices

Paper by Florian Schaub, Travis D. Breaux, and Norman Sadeh: “Privacy policies are supposed to provide transparency about a service’s data practices and help consumers make informed choices about which services to entrust with their personal information. In practice, those privacy policies are typically long and complex documents that are largely ignored by consumers. Even for regulators and […]

Blurring the Boundaries Through Digital Innovation

Book edited by D’Ascenzo, F., Magni, M., Lazazzara, A., Za, S: “This book examines the impact of digital innovation on organizations. It reveals how the digital revolution is redefining traditional levels of analysis while at the same time blurring the internal and external boundaries of the organizational environment. It presents a collection of research papers that examine […]

What determines social behavior? Investigating the role of emotions, self-centered motives, and social norms.

Special issue of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience edited by Corrado Corradi-Dell’Acqua, Leonie Koban, Susanne Leiberg and Patrik Vuilleumier: “In the last decade, a growing research effort in behavioral sciences, especially psychology and neuroscience, has been invested in the study of the cognitive, biological, and evolutionary foundations of social behavior. Differently from the case of sociology, which studies social behavior also at […]

The Surprising History of the Infographic

Clive Thompson at the Smithsonian magazine: “As the 2016 election approaches, we’re hearing a lot about “red states” and “blue states.” That idiom has become so ingrained that we’ve almost forgotten where it originally came from: a data visualization. In the 2000 presidential election, the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush was so razor […]

You can help stop human trafficking with the TraffickCam app

Haje Jan Kamps in TechCrunch: “In a world where the phrase “oh god, not another app” often springs to mind, along with “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you want to make a world a better place” TraffickCam is a blast of icy-fresh air. TraffickCam is an app developed by the Exchange Initiative, an organization fighting back against sex trafficking. The […]

How A Videogame Can Be A Source For Innovation

Jiwon Kim at PSFK: “The nonprofit Games For Change has a mission to utilize games to change the world. More specifically, it’s to facilitate “the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.”….PSFK decided to explore the three finalists up to win the award for the most innovative game […]

DARPA wants to design an army of ultimate automated data scientists

Michael Cooney in NetworkWorld: “Because of a plethora of data from sensor networks, Internet of Things devices and big data resources combined with a dearth of data scientists to effectively mold that data, we are leaving many important applications – from intelligence to science and workforce management – on the table. It is a situation the […]

Big Data Challenges: Society, Security, Innovation and Ethics

Book edited by Bunnik, A., Cawley, A., Mulqueen, M., Zwitter, A: “This book brings together an impressive range of academic and intelligence professional perspectives to interrogate the social, ethical and security upheavals in a world increasingly driven by data. Written in a clear and accessible style, it offers fresh insights to the deep reaching implications of […]

The Perils of Using Technology to Solve Other People’s Problems

Ethan Zuckerman in The Atlantic: “I found Shane Snow’s essay on prison reform — “How Soylent and Oculus Could Fix the Prison System” — through hate-linking…. Some of my hate-linking friends began their eye-rolling about Snow’s article with the title, which references two of Silicon Valley’s most hyped technologies. With the current focus on the U.S. […]