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UN Data Revolution Group

Website: “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked an Independent Expert Advisory Group to make concrete recommendations on bringing about a data revolution in sustainable development. Here you can find out more about the work of the group, and feed into the process by adding your comments to this site or sending a private consultation submission […]

Why we’re failing to get the most out of open data

Victoria Lemieux at the WEF Blog: “An unprecedented number of individuals and organizations are finding ways to explore, interpret and use Open Data. Public agencies are hosting Open Data events such as meetups, hackathons and data dives. The potential of these initiatives is great, including support for economic development (McKinsey, 2013), anti-corruption (European Public Sector […]

‘How We Got to Now’ by Steven Johnson

Book Review by Philip Delves Broughton in the Wall Street Journal: “Theories of innovation and entrepreneurship have always yo-yoed between two basic ideas. First, that it’s all about the single brilliant individual and his eureka moment that changes the world. Second, that it’s about networks, collaboration and context. The truth, as in all such philosophical […]


Joi Ito at LinkedIn: “One of the first words that I learned when I joined the Media Lab was “antidisciplinary.” It was listed an a requirement in an ad seeking applicants for a new faculty position. Interdisciplinary work is when people from different disciplines work together. An antidisciplinary project isn’t a sum of a bunch […]

Open Source Governance—A More Ambitious Cousin of Collaborative Governance

New paper by Ani Matei& Sergiu Ioan Irimia in the International Journal of Public Administration: “Open source represents a model generally known for its success in software production. The objective of this article is to establish a new strategic approach of using open source development principles for managing collaborative arrangements between citizens and public administration. […]

Smarter video games, thanks to crowdsourcing

AAAS -Science Magazine: “Despite the stereotypes, any serious gamer knows it’s way more fun to play with real people than against the computer. Video game artificial intelligence, or AI, just isn’t very good; it’s slow, predictable, and generally stupid. All that stands to change, however, if GiantOtter, a Massachusetts-based startup, has its way, New Scientist […]

Brighter Futures Together

“Welcome to the Brighter Futures Together toolkit! It contains lots of information and ideas to help you improve and grow your community. It covers lots of issues like the environment, climate change, health, safety, and involving children and young people…. There are lots of factsheets on all sorts of issues and each factsheet features step-by-step advice, and […]

A new generation of “We are happy to launch the new version of the Swedish aid transparency tracker This tracker brings a lot of new features – both visible and in the backend system. We have focused more on the professional user and making the site a quick but powerful tool to find the data you need. The […]

Data-based Civic Participation

New workshop paper by C. A. Le Dantec in  HCOMP 2014/Citizen + X: Workshop on Volunteer-based Crowdsourcing in Science, Public Health and Government, Pittsburgh, PA. November 2, 2014:  “Within the past five years, a new form of technology -mediated public participation that experiments with crowdsourced data production in place of community discourse has emerged. Examples […]