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Charities are underestimating the importance of trust. That’s a problem.

Jill Halford & Neil Sherlock at NPC: “A growing mistrust and scepticism of organisations, experts and leaders has become a defining feature of recent times, causing many to question established truths that they’ve traditionally held dear. Against a backdrop of increasing volumes of data and commentary, amplified by social media, and the rise of ‘fake […]

We have unrealistic expectations of a tech-driven future utopia

Bob O’Donnell in RECODE: “No one likes to think about limits, especially in the tech industry, where the idea of putting constraints on almost anything is perceived as anathema. In fact, the entire tech industry is arguably built on the concept of bursting through limitations and enabling things that weren’t possible before. New technology developments […]

China seeks glimpse of citizens’ future with crime-predicting AI

Yuan Yang, Yingzhi Yang and Sherry Fei Ju in the Financial Times: “China, a surveillance state where authorities have unchecked access to citizens’ histories, is seeking to look into their future with technology designed to predict and prevent crime. Companies are helping police develop artificial intelligence they say will help them identify and apprehend suspects before […]

Crowdsourcing Expertise to Increase Congressional Capacity

Austin Seaborn at Beeck Center: “Members of Congress have close connections with their districts, and information arising from local organizations, such as professional groups, academia, industry as well as constituents with relevant expertise (like retirees, veterans or students) is highly valuable to them.  Today, congressional staff capacity is at a historic low, while at the […]

The DeepMind debacle demands dialogue on data

Hetan Shah in Nature: “Without public approval, advances in how we use data will stall. That is why a regulator’s ruling against the operator of three London hospitals is about more than mishandling records from 1.6 million patients. It is a missed opportunity to have a conversation with the public about appropriate uses for their data…. […]

Policy Entrepreneurship at the White House

Tom Kalil on “getting things done in large organizations“: “For a total of 16 years, I had the honor and privilege of working at the White House, first for President Clinton (1993-2001) and later for President Obama (2009-2017). My colleagues and I had the opportunity to help design, launch, and sustain dozens of science and […]

Active Citizenship in Europe: Practices and Demands in the EU, Italy, Turkey and the UK

Book by Cristiano Bee: “…provides an overview of key issues in the debate concerning the emergence of active citizenship in Europe. The specific focus of enquiry is the promotion of patterns of civic and political engagement and civic and political participation by the EU and the relative responses drawn by organizations of the civil society […]

Smart Technologies for Smart Governments: Transparency, Efficiency and Organizational Issues

Book edited by Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar: “…examines the introduction of smart technologies into public administrations and the organizational issues caused by these implementations, and the potential of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to rationalize and improve government, transform governance and organizational issues, and address economic, social, and environmental challenges. Cities are increasingly using new technologies […]

How open data can help the Global South, from disaster relief to voter turnout

Stefaan Verhulst and Andrew Young in The Conversation Global: “The modern era is marked by growing faith in the power of data. “Big data”, “open data”, and “evidence-based decision-making” have become buzzwords, touted as solutions to the world’s most complex and persistent problems, from corruption and famine to the refugee crisis. While perhaps most pronounced in higher income countries, this trend is […]