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How Three Startups Are Using Data to Renew Public Trust In Government

Mark Hall: “Chances are that when you think about the word government, it is with a negative connotation.Your less-than-stellar opinion of government may be caused by everything from Washington’s dirty politics to the long lines at your local DMV.Regardless of the reason, local, state and national politics have frequently garnered a bad reputation. People feel like governments aren’t working for […]

How Thousands Of Dutch Civil Servants Built A Virtual ‘Government Square’ For Online Collaboration

Federico Guerrini at Forbes: “Democracy needs a reboot, or as the founders of Democracy Os, an open source platform for political debate say, “a serious upgrade”. They are not alone in trying to change the way citizens and governments communicate with each other. Not long ago, I covered on this blog a Greek platform, VouliWatch, which […]

Chief Executive of Nesta on the Future of Government Innovation

Interview between Rahim Kanani and Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA and member of the MacArthur Research Network on Opening Governance: “Our aspiration is to become a global center of expertise on all kinds of innovation, from how to back creative business start-ups and how to shape innovations tools such as challenge prizes, to helping governments […]

Demos for Democracy

The GovLab presents Demos for Democracy, an ongoing series of live, interactive online demos featuring designers and builders of the latest innovative governance platforms, tools or methods to foster greater openness and collaboration to how we govern. Who: remesh, founded by PhD students Andrew Konya and Aaron Slodov, is an online public platform that offers a […]

Recent progress in Open Data production and consumption

Examples from a Governmental institute (SMHI) and a collaborative EU research project (SWITCH-ON) by Arheimer, Berit; and Falkenroth, Esa: “The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has a long tradition both in producing and consuming open data on a national, European and global scale. It is also promoting community building among water scientists in Europe by participating […]

When Technologies Combine, Amazing Innovation Happens

FastCoexist: “Innovation occurs both within fields, and in combinations of fields. It’s perhaps the latter that ends up being most groundbreaking. When people of disparate expertise, mindset and ideas work together, new possibilities pop up. In a new report, the Institute for the Future argues that “technological change is increasingly driven by the combination and […]

Generative Emergence: A New Discipline of Organizational, Entrepreneurial, and Social Innovation

New book by Benyamin Lichtenstein: “Culminating more than 30 years of research into evolution, complexity science, organizing and entrepreneurship, this book provides insights to scholars who are increasingly using emergence to explain social phenomena. In addition to providing the first comprehensive definition and framework for understanding emergence, it is the first publication of data from […]