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Jesper Christiansen: “Applying human-centered design to public problems”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see posts on previous speakers like Panos Ipeirotis, John Tolva and Brian Behlendorf), Jesper Christiansen of the Danish Government Innovation Unit – The MindLab – spoke at our January 22 Ideas Lunch.  Jesper is Research Manager at MindLab, currently directing research and reflection across  multiple innovation projects underway there. An overarching theme […]

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Crowdsourcing the Hall of Fame

It’s a happy day for some of us at the GovLab when two of our favorite things — baseball and governance — intersect. This past November, the sports website Deadspin announced that it was seeking to acquire the 2014 Hall of Fame ballots of one or more of the voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). Beyond setting out to mock what they […]

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John Tolva: “The City is a Platform: Chicago’s Technology Transformation”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see our notes on previous speakers Brian Behlendorf, Joel Gurin, Deborah Estrin, Geoff Mulgan and Erik Johnston), John Tolva visited the GovLab on November 15 to talk about his experience leading the City of Chicago’s technology transformation as its first Chief Technology Officer under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and to sketch his vision for […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 8/16/13

Today’s theme was “how can you have open governance if we don’t agree on the basic parameters?” Is the Season for Climate Change Denial Finally Over? – The Huffington Post: Three years after the National Academy of Sciences, a grouping of our country’s top scientists, declared “Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 8/2/13

How the Digital Divide Leaves People Out – PBS: Who is not being counted when data is scraped from the Internet, whether from tweets or searches? Digital Divide: Access Is Not Enough – The Journal: Owning Internet-connected technology is only part of being an engaged user. I’m still here: back online after a year without […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/23/13

Health Insurer’s App Helps Users Track Themselves – MIT Technology Review: “CarePass can integrate data from wearable tracking devices like Fitbit or Jawbone’s UP, as well as apps like MapMyRun; it can take into account doctor visits, prescriptions, and blood pressure or cholesterol records. It will also point users to trustworthy symptom and diagnosis information through iTriage, software that […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/19/13

1. Environment, Technology and Governance: Geo-Engineering – A New Cold (er, Cooling) War? • Geo-engineering (or climate engineering more accurately) involves active intervention to modify global-scale properties of the atmosphere and climate system, to offset some of the heating and climate disruption being caused by elevated greenhouse gases. There are two broad forms of […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/11/13

1. Institutional: Opening-up Government Documents • • Madison is a platform for discussing and improving government documents and draft legislation through collaboration. Users can comment on proposed legislation, suggest alternative text and vote those suggestions up or down … “a cross between Microsoft Word’s track changes function and crowdsourced reviews on Amazon”. 2. […]

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GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/1/13

Canada Day at the GovLab 1. Institutional Developments: “I’m from the government, and I want to friend you” Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use and Committee on Social Media and Policy Development 2. Developments in Civil Society: Playing by, and breaking the rules in online activism LeadNow Samara 3. Technology Developments: Quantum Computing Is Google’s […]

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